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Registration Tips & Tricks


I cant find the program/time I want to register for!

We get it! We have a lot of programs, and it can be difficult to find the single program you're looking for. Hopefully this breakdown will help you out!

1. Please ensure you click on the correct category level (unsure? please check the detailed breakdowns of each level below!)


We have two different views  this year! "List View" & "Calendar View" - try them both out to see which view works best for you!


2.Hover (don't click!) on the registration tab. Go down to the category you would like to register and hover again. A drop down window will appear to the side that will say "Full Season -31 weeks" or "Intro-Season - 7 Weeks". Select the length of program you would like to register for, THEN click. 


3. In the "quick search" area, type the day of week you would like to register for. This will narrow down your search.  Select the day/time you would like to register for and it will automatically be added to your cart!


What category should I register my child in?


  • Ages 2-6 and/or
  • Has never skated before/cannot skate unassisted and/or
  • Requires hands-on instruction from a coach 


  • Ages 4-9 and/or
  • Has passed Pre-CanSkate badge previously and/or
  • Can skate by themselves and/or
  • Can glide on two feet 

Has your child passed a CanSkate badge before? They will still be registered in the CanSkate group. Individual levels are determined on the ice at the time of their lesson, and divided accordingly. 

Double Digit

  • Ages 10-17
  • CanSkate (Learn-To-Skate) levels

Adult Skate

  • Ages 18 +
  • CanSkate (Learn-To-Skate) levels

STARSkate 1 Group

  • Passed CanSkate badge 4 and
  • Interested in figure skating skills or
  • Has been Talent-Identified by our program coordinators

CanPower Skate

  • Passed CanSkate badge 4 and
  • Interested in hockey skating skills

STARSkate Academy Private Lessons

  • 4 points from our Category Point System OR
  • A fully rotated lutz jump 

Junior Academy


Senior Academy

  • Passed both parts of the Senior Bronze Freeskate Test (Program & Elements)

I'm interested in private lessons, how do I register?

Do not register for private ice time before you have secured a coach!!

1. Please head over to the schedule tab and choose a day/time/season you would like to have your private lessons (your child is most likely in the CanSkate/STARSkate 1-2 Private Ice category, choose from there!).

2. Please email the office - with the day/time/season you would like to have your lessons, as well as a little bit about the skater (age, gender, any coach preferences etc).

3. The office will email the coaches on your behalf to see who is available and interested. After 48 hours, the office will email you back with a list of coaches and their contact info. It will be your responsibility to contact the coaches, find the one that best suits your needs, and hire them. 

Do not register for private ice time before you have secured a coach!!