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10 Steps to booking private lessons at FHFSC


Private lessons are available upon request.

To get started please send an email to to request private lessons.

Read all information below.

This email must include the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your skaters full name
  3. Your skaters age
  4. Your skaters skating history and level if available or New skater
  5. The days you are available for private lessons and include times. Please give all time options.
  6. Add yourself to our members account by following the below instructions. The members account should be under the same name as #1 or note the members account name if different.       
  7. Private lessons have 2 fee components
  8. a - Your FHFSC fees, which include: Skate Canada fee (annual) $44.00 ( this is your insurance) and Club Admin fees $30.00 for the first family member per year and $15.00 for each thereafter.  Plus the ice time fee: 23.00/ hour per skater (no half hour or portions). Skaters cannot be on the ice without these fees paid in advance. The Fees are non-refundable. The ice portion is booked for you in 8 week sessions or full season and is booked for you. We do not refund or replace ice fees if you or the coach cannot attend. If you do a makeup session there is an additional 23.00 ice fee required. Star skaters can skate with Coaches permission on their own if the coach cannot make it.

b -The Coaches Fee: this is the fee the coach charges per hour per child to coach in a private lesson. This is payable directly to the coach and is negotiated between the member and the coach.

             9.      When the office receives a completed request for Privates we will match your request with available coaches and send you a                           reply with their emails.

It is up to the member to reach out to the coaches and complete an agreement of time and price of coach’s fees. The coach will tentatively book your time in with the office. Please make sure you have asked all questions about their terms of doing business. Each coach will have their own terms and may include:

                                                Cancellations – on both behalf

                                                Vacation time off

                                                Sub Coaches in case the coach is not available

                                                Payment terms

  1. The coach will then send you a Request for Privates document that you will fill in and send back to the coach and The office will invoice you for the registration including any fees that are not paid for the season and send you a copy of the ice time invoice. Once you have completed payment (prior to skating) you will have a confirmed booking.