Learn to Skate: PreCanSkate, CanSkate and Double Digit


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Our PreCanSkate classes are designed for skaters ages 3-8 who have never been on the ice and/or have not yet mastered the ability to glide. This program consists of 45 minutes of group instruction with a coach to skater ratio of 1:4. Skaters learn the basics – balance, falling down and getting up, forward skating and stopping. Children are divided into groups based on age and skill level.



Our CanSkate classes are designed for skaters ages 4-9 (by September 1st) with prior skating experience. CanSkate is the Skate Canada flagship learn-to-skate program, and children are divided into groups by skill level to learn all basic skating skills, including balance; skating forward and backward; stopping; and simple jumps and spins. Skaters in CanSkate groups will advance through the six CanSkate stages, and earn badges and ribbons based on their mastery of the three fundamental skill groups of skating: balance (forward skating, edges), agility (backward skating, stopping) and control (turns, jumps). The coach to skater ratio in a CanSkate group is 1:10.  The grouping of the children will depend on their level of expertise.  All CanSkate groups are taught by Skate Canada trained and certified coaches. (Please note, if your child will miss more than two classes please e-mail our office so that we may inform the coach.)

Note for skaters who have passed Stage 4: Skaters who have passed Stage 4 are encouraged to join either our STARSkate 1 sessions (for aspiring figure skaters) or our CanPower sessions (for hockey players).  Please see the Program links for STARSkate Programs and Pre-Power and CanPower for more details.

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Double Digit

Our Double Digit program is a CanSkate program designed for skaters ages 10-16.  The coach to skater ratio is 1:10.


Private Lessons

In addition to group lessons, our club provides private lessons starting at the learn to skate level. Private lessons encourage faster skill progression and acquisition.  For more information on private lessons, please see our page on Private Instruction.


Please see detailed CanSkate program information from Skate Canada here