Figure Skating Programs: STARSkate & Academy


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Forest Hill Figure Skating Club offers both recreational and competitive figure skating programs.


The Pre-StarSkate  is a fast-track program designed to allow age-eligible skaters, ages 4 to 8, the opportunity to learn skating skills in a group format and  at an accelerated pace. Skaters must have passed Stage 5 or be talent identified in order to be registered into this program. Skaters must skate a minimum of TWO DAYS per week.

This program is the starting point for competitive figure skating within the Forest Hill Figure Skating Club. Classes include on-ice programs where participants will learn how to jump, spin, stroke and perform.


StarSkate 1-2


The StarSkate 1-2 program is designed for figure skaters who have completed their final CanSkate badge levels. In order to qualify for this session, skaters must have either 1)  landed a fully rotated toe loop jump OR 2)have earned stage 5 canskate. Skaters should skate a minimum of two times a week, with three times per week being ideal. If you wish to enroll in private lessons in addition to your group session please contact our office. 

This program is an introduction to early competitive figure skating focused on teaching strong skating basics, jumping, spinning, ice dancing and performance skills. Skaters in this program may test and begin competing. Skaters are designated to club coaches during this time.

 StarSkate 2-3/Academy

Skaters are either in a lesson that they have arranged directly with a coach, or are engaged in their own practice. The coach is in charge of the skater’s development, knowledge of both ice etiquette, and club procedures.

Regardless of session criteria, FHFSC reserves the right to limit skaters from participating in sessions where safety and ice flow are compromised due to lack of speed, skills, and/or ice awareness, or for any other reason.


StarSkate 2-3
In order to qualify for our StarSkate 2-3 sessions, skaters must have either 1) a rotated lutz  OR2)  earned  (2) points from passing Skate Canada tests (please see chart below).


Junior Academy

In order to qualify for our Junior Academy sessions, skaters must have either 1)  landed a rotated axel

OR have five (5) points from passing Skate Canada tests (please see chart below).


Senior Academy

In order to qualify for our Senior Academy sessions, skaters must have passed their Senior Bronze FreeSkate.


For more information on the STARSKate program, please visit our About STARSkate page, or see detailed program information from Skate Canada here.


Points Table for Tests Passed

Test Type Points Rewarded
Complete Dance Set 1
Skating Skills Test 1
Free Skate Test: Part 1, Elements 1
Free Skate Test: Part 2, Program 1


Points are rewarded for each level of qualifying tests or set of tests.  For example, if a skater A has passed their Preliminary and Junior Bronze dances, they would receive two (2) points (one point for each set). Interpretive tests do not receive points.