Forest Hill would like to extend a huge congratulations to the following skaters for their impressive showing at the Snowflake Skate Competition on December 1-3!

StarSkate 1

Hanna Yun – Gold


StarSkate 2

Jensen Raybould- Elements- Bronze

Hanna Yun – Solo- Bronze

Mallory Valis- Elements- Bronze

Team – Mallory Valis & Hanna Yun- Bronze

Saki Hojo- Solo- Gold

Raniah Motamed- Solo- Silver


StarSkate 3

Libby Dai- Solo- Silver

Junie Kim- Solo- Gold

Isabelle Guo- Solo- Silver

Shaelyn Gantley-Ng- Solo- Silver


Starskate 4

Jay McGregor- Solo- Gold


StarSkate 5

Elyse Sugarman- Solo-1st

Elyse Sugarman- Elements- 3rd

Team- Elyse Sugarman & Ainslie Shouldice


StarSkate 7

Cailyn Guo – Short Program- Bronze




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