Forest Hill would like to congratulate all our skaters who competed in the K.I.S. Invitational on November 24th-26th! Well done!


StarSkate 1

Effie Zerva- StarSkate 1 Elements- Gold

Lara Kassem – StarSkate 1 Elements- Silver

Hanna Yun- StarSkate 1 Program- Gold

StarSkate 2

Zoe Breslin StarSkate 2 Program- Gold

Saki Honjo- StarSkate 2 Program- Gold

Sonya Pejicic – StarSkate 2 Program- Silver

Tara Motahari- StarSkate 2 Program- Silver

Zoe Cheng- StarSkate 2 Program- Bronze

StarSkate 3

Zoe Breslin- StarSkate 3 Program- Gold

Elizabeth Dai- StarSkate 3 Program- Silver

Junie Kim- StarSkate 3 Program- Silver

StarSkate 4

Karesa Arora- StarSkate 4 Freeskate- 2nd

Lara Zaski- StarSkate 4 Freeskate- 3rd

Hope Breslin – StarSkate 4 Freeskate- 4th

Layla Browman- StarSkate 4 Freeskate- 7th

StarSkate 5

Ainslie Shouldice- StarSkate 5 Freeskate- 1st

James Moskowitz- StarSkate 5 Freeskate – 1st

Elyse Sugarman- StarSkate 5 Freekate – 4th

Elyse Sugarman- StarSkate 5 Elements- 2nd

StarSkate 6

Cailyn Guo- Star Skate 6 Freeskate- Gold

StarSkate 7

Cailyn Guo- StarSkate 7 FreeSkate- 6th

StarSkate 8

Sarah Chapman- StarSkate 8 Freeskate- 3rd

Nicole Naimer- StarSkate 8 FreeSkate -3rd

Natalie Talmage- StarSkate 8 Freeskate- 5th

StarSkate 9

Francesca Devine- StarSkate 9 Freeskate- 2nd


StarSkate 10

Francesca Devine- StarSkate 10 Freeskate- 4th


Pre-Introductory Interpretive

Elizabeth Dai- Bronze


Gold Interpretive

Francesca Devine- 3rd



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