Forest Hill FSC would like to congratulate the following skaters for their stellar performance at the

 Charles Dover Memorial Invitational Competition  on January 12-14th!


                              StarSkate 2 (Group 2)

                       Tara Motahari- Gold


                        StarSkate 4 U13 (Group 3)

                        Karesa Arora – 1st Place

                        Layla Browman- 4th Place


                        StarSkate 4 U13 (Group 4)

                        Lara Zaski – 1st Place


                        StarSkate 5 Men U10

                        James Moskowitz – 1st Place





                        StarSkate 5 Ladies O13

               Ainslie Shouldice- 1st Place


              StarSkate 6 (Group 7)
Kasia Zaski- 5th Place