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Forest Hill FSC would like to extend a hearty congratulations to the following skaters

for their outstanding performance at the

Amherst Skating Club Invitational 2019 on November 15-16, 2019!


Sophia Damian

Basic 2- Individual Elements - 1St Place

Basic 2- Solo with Music - 2nd Place

Helen (Haoyue) Geng

Basic 6 Group B - Individual Elements - 1st Place

Basic 6 Group B - Solo with Music -  2nd Place

(Michael) Muchen Geng

Basic 6 Group A - Individual Elements - 3rd Place

Basic 6 Group A - Solo with Music 2nd Place

Annie Kay

Basic 5 Elements - Silver Medal

Basic 5 Solo  Silver Medal

Stella Kay

Basic 6 Elements - 5th Place

Basic 6 Solo - 4th Place 

Rosabel Shaver

Basic 6 Elements - Silver Medal

Basic 6 Solo - Gold Medal

Olivia Yeung

Basic 5 Elements - Gold Medal

Basic 5 Solo - Gold Medal

Mallory Vallis

Preliminary Jumps - 5th Place

Preliminary Spins - Silver Medal

Preliminary Moves - 5th Placae

congratulations to our fabulous skaters!