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Ice Etiquette Guidelines


The intention of the ice etiquette rules is to benefit all skaters by creating greater ice awareness for safety and good practice sessions. FHFSC requires all skaters to understand and follow these rules on the ice. Please note the FHFSC Director will review sessions with respect to these rules and will talk to skaters and coaches. Skaters who do not comply may be asked to leave the session.



  1. Registration:
  • Parents, guardians and coaches are responsible to see that the skater is registered for the ice session prior to the skater stepping on the ice and also for the conduct of your child/skater on the ice.
  • The parent/guardian and coach must assure themselves that the skater understands the ice rules and etiquette prior to skating on FHFSC sessions.
  • All guest skaters must also register with the office or coordinator prior to stepping on the ice and must also follow the F.H.F.S.C. ice etiquette rules.
  • Children 8 years of age or younger must be accompanied at the rink by an adult at all times.
  • All children above 8 years must be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian (or coach) at all times or have an Emergency Contact Information Sheet on file.
  • Skaters are allowed on the ice only when the zamboni is off the ice and its door is closed.
  1.  Emergency Assistance:
  1. Ice Awareness:


  • Ice Etiquette: Right of Way: Skaters performing their program or dance have the right away. Other skaters and/or coaches must move to allow the skater doing their program the right of way.  When the music starts, identify who is doing the program and plan your skating to keep out of the way of the program. 


  • FHFSC asks all skaters to be courteous, aware and concerned for the safety of each other.
  • If you fall on the ice get up immediately.
  • Ice Zones:
  • Please keep moving at all times!

.                        Skaters should practice Spins between the blue lines. Not in the jump corners.

                        On sessions when dance is allowed, pairs may skate together



                       Any skater may have his or her music or dance played during a club ice session.

                       Skaters should submit their CDs to the penalty box at the beginning of a session.

                       CDs will be played in the order submitted with the following exception:

                       Coaches may move a skater’s music to the top of the order if that skater is in a lesson.

                       Coaches may only pre-empt twice during a given lesson.

                       A CD may not be restarted except by a coach or in the case of a technical difficulty.     

                       After a skater’s music is played, it will be placed at the end of the line


Instruction and observers   Coaches must be registered members of Skate Canada and guest coaches must receive prior permission to instruct on F.H.F.S.C. ice times. Observers, parents are restricted to the lobby and may not enter the doorway. All entrances must be kept clear for safety



Please note:

  • The FHFSC Director has the administrative responsibility to see that everyone is moving safely. Skaters endangering others and themselves or not following the ice etiquette rules cannot be allowed on the ice.
  • The skater's coach will be asked to remove a skater who is endangering a session and a review will be conducted to see if the skater can meet the necessary standard of responsibility required by the session.
  • There are no make-up sessions and members may change times once per season.