All coaches are required to be registered with Skate Canada, Canada's national skate governing organization. This insures they are qualified as coaches, have current first aid certifications and are insured. The standard qualification levels are mandated by the Coaches Association of Canada and are based on the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).







Executive Director: Valerie Calver

Leo Alipour

Raisa Baila

Michael Borota

Tina Boyce









 Nicholas Brann

Jamie Cho

 Sharon Clark

Rick Copeland

Janis Coyle







Rebecca Grace


Elaine Hume

Nicolette Iantosca

Donald Jackson







Christine Janes

Adrianne Jin


Barb Lehming

Rachel Micay











Laura Morelli

Cecilia Pados

Alla Parkhomchuk

Julia Rudnicki







Kate Snack

Shannon Stone

Helen Tsarouchas

Kelly Van Buren 

Connelly VanLeur 











 Gord Willemse

Barb Jackson 

 Shelley Owens