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 Clubs/Schools COVID-19 Update



Skate Canada Insurance and OnLine Training

Skate Canada has been working closely with our insurer to provide our community with an update on the requirements for offering online or virtual trainings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virtual/Online training will be covered by insurance until September 30, 2020 as per the following terms and conditions.

Virtual/Online training in flexibility, strength & conditioning are permitted ONLY under the following restrictions:

  • All instruction is to be carried out by a registered SKATE CANADA certified coach
  • All individuals participating must be registered with SKATE CANADA for the 2019-2020 registration period and must be recorded/logged by the coach
  • Publicly accessible broadcast tools such as Facebook Live, YouTube, etc. and pre-recorded videos are not acceptable methods of delivering virtual/online training
  • Permitted delivery tools must include the use of controlled, multi-screen video conferencing programs such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom (ZOOMUS)
  • All injuries must be reported to Skate Canada within 30 days of the incident and submitted using the Skate Canada Online Incident Report.
  • Instructors must maintain the following information before the class:
    1. Date and time of the course
    2. Instructor and instructor’s remote location, bearing in mind facilities are closed
    3. Class Content (activities to be conducted)
    4. Number of Participants (ensure all participants are SKATE CANADA members before the start of the session)
    5. Class is limited to the number of participants that can be viewed on a single screen and no more than four (4) participants in one location while following the Provincial Physical Distancing Guidelines

The coach, club or skating school must keep this information on file for seven years. Skate Canada may request a copy of the list at any time within those seven years.

  • Rule of Two – must also apply when offering virtual/online training. You must have at least another adult/coach present (virtually) during the online training/class.

The goal of the Rule of Two is to ensure all interactions and communications are open, observable, and justifiable. Its purpose is to protect participants (especially minors) and coaches in potentially vulnerable situations by ensuring more than one adult is present.

  • To help eliminate any perceived solicitation of skaters, it is recommended that clubs and coaches who are hosting online or virtual classes obtain the necessary permissions (skater’s parent, skater’s primary coach, etc.) by signed waivers or posted statements on the selected platform.

Stay safe and healthy.