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Congratulations Forest Hill Figure Skating Club
Filled with pride!
2017 Skate Ontario    Championships
One team. One Dream” !!!!!!
Gold Chloe Yuh Forest Hill FSC CO 26.95
Pre-Juvenile Women (U11)
4th  Amber Cheng Forest Hill FSC CO 27.67 (4) 27.67 Forest Hill Proud
Juvenile Women (U14)
5th Place Miriam Kleiman Forest Hill FSC CO 29.04 (5) 29.042017
Juvenile Women (U12)
6th place Olivia Perras Forest Hill FSC CO 26.68 (6) 26.68
Juvenile Women (U14)
9th Place Star 10 Francesca Devine Forest Hill FSC CO 28.43 (9) 28.43
8th Bronze Triathlon WomenBronze Triathlon Women Francesca Devine Forest Hill FSC CO 24.74 (9) 33.33 (8) 58.07
Congratulations Jonathan Ing for qualifying I can't Thank-you enough Congratulations Jamie Cho, Janis Coyle and Elaine Hume  
Chloe Yuh
   All Ontario Champion !!!!!
Amber Cheng  
Mirriam Kleiman  
Olivia Perras 
Francesca Devine 
One Team One Dream


competitive team

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Snowflake Skate - Star 5 Women - Silver

Natalie Volk

*Pictured with Don Jackson*


4th in Star 10 another qualifier to Skate Ontario Championships 27.90

Francesca Devine


Bronze Medal in Bronze Triatholon - Qualifier to Skate Ontario Championships

Francesca Devine


Starskate 4 U10 and  3rd place

Ava Bird 



Bronze Star 1 - group 1

Charlotte  Khambay


 Natalia Jankovic

Pre-Novice Ladies Short - Bronze Medal

Winter Skate 


Juvenile U-14  Group 1 - Bronze medal

Veronique Wirth  


Juvenile Ladies- Bronze Medal 

Winter Skate 

Miriam Kleiman

Skate Canada COS Sectional Championships 


Pre-Novice Ladies - Bronze

Kyrstin Lavelle 


Pre-Novice Ladies 5th 

Ashley Goodliff



Marwan Al Nasarat

Pre-Novice Men 5th 












2016-2017 The Journey Begins Here
The Forest Hill team has put in hard work already this season with some great results to show for it.
Keep up the great work everyone!
One Team One Dream

2017 Fun Competition

Thornhill, Ontario

4.7.2017 - 4.9.2017

Thornhill Community Centre

Jenson Raybould  Star 1 FreeSkate Gold

Raniah Motamed Star 2 Silver

Kaitlyn Byrd Star 3 Silver

Shaelyn Gantley-Ng Star 3 silver

Madeleine Newall Star 4 Bronze

Lauren Baglione 5th Star 4

Lauren Baglione 7th Star 4 elements

Kyrstin Lavelle
Denis Silverthorne
Memorial Invitational St.Thomas. Silver in Novice!
Star 5 Ladies 
Gold Medal 
Ainslie Shouldice Winter Skate
Winter Skate  Star 2
Silver Medal
Libby Dai, Zoe Breslin , Zara Kohan






FHFSC Competitive Team


StarSkate 1-5 


Junior Academy Skaters


Senior Academy Skaters